Resinous Flooring Systems

Are you in search of a resinous flooring system? FlorLine Group can help. We have over 30 years of experience providing floors to clients of all types, including those in the electronics, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, to name a few.

Resinous flooring is most commonly used in commercial and industrial environments, where a strong, durable floor is imperative and often required. This process typically includes the mixture of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic. It is then poured onto your concrete floors and set, leaving a floor that is ready for anything.

If you are looking for a flooring system for your warehouse, facility, hangar or factory, resin floors may be the solution for you.

While resinous flooring provides a long list of advantages, some of the most common benefits are:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe
  • Cost Effective

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